Andoversford Area Self Isolation Help Group

If you are self-isolating to avoid contact with the coronavirus we can help, we are a group of volunteers within the local community who will help with any of the following during your period of isolation.

  • Picking up Shopping
  • Posting Mail
  • Picking up Medication
  • A Friendly phone call

We are offering this service free of charge. Please phone our coordinator Clare – 07758 217906

Clare will put you in touch with a volunteer best suited to assist you. This initiative is backed by Rev Colin Randall & Andoversford Post Office.

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Andoversford hamlet, named from the crossing of the river Coln by the Stow–Gloucester road at the east end of the parish, is mainly of 19th- and 20th-century growth

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Andoversford Royal Oak Pub

About Andoversford

Andoversford hamlet, named from the crossing of the river Coln by the Stow–Gloucester road at the east end of the parish, is mainly of 19th- and 20th-century growth, though there were a few dwellings in that area by the 13th century when several inhabitants of Dowdeswell were surnamed ‘of Andoversford’. In the early modern period the place-name usually took the form Anford or Anfords ford. From the Gloucester road a short way west of the ford an old lane led northwards to join an old Cheltenham–London road in Whittington parish west of Syreford, and in the early 17th century an inn (from the mid 19th century called the Royal Oak) was built on the Gloucester road opposite the entrance to the lane.

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Date: 24 Feb To: Duncan McGaw <> A white van with two male occupants has been seen in Duntisbourne Rouse this evening. Please be aware with reference to the earlier post. Duncan McGaw T: +44 (0) 1242 232760 M: +44 (0) 7802 456100 E: Sent: 24 Feb Subject: Dog theft alert This alert comes from Miserden PC. A white van has been spotted in Miserden Parish. The occupants have been approaching dog owners and wrestling the leads out of their hands in order to steal their dog. Recently a litter of puppies was taken from a home within Miserden parish. Black zip ties are being spotted on gates etc in the area and are being used to identify homes with potential dogs to steal. Marks such as these are often used to identify possible items or pets for future thefts. Please be vigilant and if you notice any suspicious activity please make a note of the vehicle make and model and if possible the number plate. If such vehicles slow whilst you are dog-walking, try to remember a physical description of any occupants without drawing attention to yourselves. Further, please keep a look out for any or unusual marks such as described eg zip ties. Any such activity please report to the Police. Please pass this information to anyone who has a pet dog and may not be in a Neighbourhood Watch group. Many thanks Best Duncan
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Andoversford Royal Oak Pub
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Cricket in Andoversford Village
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