Andoversford Parish Council. Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 held in the village hall.
Councillors Present: A. Davis, S.Haines , S. Griffin, I Hampton and C. Trump (Clerk).
Members of the Public: S.Redmond, C.Baxter, H.Langford and G.Fear.
The chair of the Parish Council presented Simon ,Chris and Hazel with small gifts as a thank you for their contributions to the Parish Council over many years.
1. Apologies: GCC Councillor P Hodgkinson and CDC Cllr R.Hughes and A.Emmerson.
2. Declaration of Interests: None Declared.
3. Minutes of last meeting: Minutes were Signed as a true copy
4. Burial Ground and Grass Cutting:

a) Grass Cutting: Grass cutting has now resumed for the spring and summer months.
b) Burial Ground: Cllr Haines and the clerk will endeavour to continue to contact as many relatives as possible to discuss the proposed lawn graves.
5. Planning:
a) Owdeswell Manor: Insert 2 windows and wood burner flue on north elevation of barn, internal alterations Ref:19/00785/FUL Pending.
b) Fernleigh: 2 bed new build.19/01515/FUL Pending. Cllr Griffin will register an objection with CDC.
6. Highways + Prow
a) Village Sign: The frame for the sign has now been finished and we are now hopeful that reinstating the sign will go ahead shortly.
b) Traffic Calming Garricks Head: Highways have reported that some hedges and foliage are blocking sight to some of the road signs, residents and landowners need to be asked to cut back to allow the signs to be seen. Highways will cut them back if residents are not willing to get the work done but there will be a cost to residents.
c) Drains: All clear at present.
d) Speed Watch: We are looking for volunteers. If interested, please contact clerk.
7. Waterways and Snow Warden:

a) Waterways: All clear.
b) Snow Warden: C/F
8. Website and Parish Plan:
a) Website: Updated.
b) Parish Plan: On going C/F

9. Newsletter and Parish Magazine:
a) Newsletter: C/F
b) Parish Magazine. Cllr Davis to compile

10. Defibrillator: July: Cllr Haines. August: Cllr Davis
11. Correspondence: Emails.
12. Finance: Cheques: Mrs C Trump, D.Davies and M.L.Pottts.
13. Cricket Club: C/F
14. Village Hall: C/F
15. Trees: C/F

Councillors’ reports and Items for next Agenda: Nothing to report.
Clerk to the Council: Mrs C. Trump, 11 Pine Halt, Station Rd, Andoversford, Cheltenham, Glos. GL54 4JX.
Telephone: 01242821243. Email:
To: Members of the Parish Council.
You are duly summoned to attend the next meeting of Andoversford Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at Andoversford Village Hall.
Public Question Time: From 7.30pm residents are invited to give their views and questions to the Parish Council on Issues on this agenda or raise Issues for future consideration at the discretion of the chair before the start of the Parish meeting at 8pm. Members of the public may not take part in the meeting itself.

1. Apologies: Clerk only to receive apologies
2. Declaration of Interests:
a)Register of Interests; Councillors are reminded of the need to update their register of
b)To declare any personal interests in items on the agenda and their nature.
c)To declare any prejudicial interests on the agenda and their nature. (Councillors with
prejudicial interests must leave the room for the relevant item.)
3. Minutes: To consider the approval of the last minutes.

4.Burial Ground: Cllr Steve Haines Deputy: Position Vacant
Progress Reports:
a) Grass Cutting: Council to discuss.
b) Burial Ground: Council to discuss

5.Planning: Cllr Sam Griffin Deputy: Position Vacant
a) Owdeswell Manor
b) Fernleigh
c) Auctioneers Row: Gate

6.Highways + Prow: Cllr Sam Griffin Deputy: Position Vacant
Progress Reports:
a) Village Sign: Council to discuss
b) Traffic Calming Garricks Head: Council to discuss
c) Drains: Council to discuss
d) Speed watch: Council to discuss

7.Waterways + Snow Warden: Cllr Steve Haines Deputy: Cllr I Hampton
b)Snow Warden

8. Website + Parish Plan: Cllr I.Hampton Deputy: Cllr A.Emmerson and Website Support

9.Newsletter and Church Magazine: Cllr Ann Davis Deputy: Clerk
Progress Reports:
a)Items for Church Magazine
10.Defibrillator: Council to discuss
11.Correspondence: To circulate for Inspection at meeting.
12.Finance: Council to discuss.
13.Cricket Club: Council to discuss.
14.Village Hall: Council to discuss
15.Trees: Council to discuss.

Councillor’s reports and items for next agenda: Each Councillor is requested to use this opportunity
to report matters if Information is not included on the Agenda. Councillors are respectfully reminded that this is NOT an opportunity for debate and discussion.