Burial Ground

The burial ground is situated at Heylands crossroads at the top of Sandywell Lane. Its purpose is to provide a burial site for the parishioners of Andoversford and Dowdeswell, although others from outside the village boundaries are also permitted to purchase plots. For this reason there is a two tier price structure which enables parishioners to purchase plots at a discounted rate. The Parish Council does allow plots to be purchased at any time although the plot will not be allocated until time of need.

There are two different types of plot available:

  1. Double Earthen Grave
  2. Cremated Remains Plot (usually within the Garden of Rest).

Cremated remains are also allowed to be interned within the main Burial Ground but this does require the purchase of a double earthen grave. A standard upright Memorial can be placed on plots within the main Burial Ground to mark the grave. Only flat tablet Memorials are permitted in the Garden of Rest.

Andoversford Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep and general maintenance to the Burial Ground.

The grass cutting and hedge trimming are carried out during the normal growing season by a local contractor. The Burial Ground Officer a position currently held by myself. The other duties carried out by the Burial Ground Officer are plot marking prior to burial, corresponding with the grave diggers and the removal of waste.

Burial Ground Regulations 2018/19 can be accessed below:

Burial Ground Regulations

The Parish Council provide 3 separate bins for waste disposal:

  1. Green Waste: this waste is disposed of by empting into a pit in an unused corner of the site are allowed to rot naturally. This area is surrounded by a post and rail fence to comply with safety regulations.
  2. Recycling Bins: A small recycling bin is provided for the removal of items that can be recycled ie: plastic bottles, plant pots and Newspaper etc.
  3. General Waste: A bin is provided for non-recyclable items ie: plastic flower wrappers etc.

All bins are emptied on a weekly basis.

We currently have a limited water supply on site via a water butt.

Forward Planning

We intend to provide a small shelter within the grounds to provide some weather cover during burials and covered seating for users. This would also enable the Parish Council to provide a better water supply via captured rain water which in turn will cut down on waste produced. The base of the shelter is already in place and the main shelter structure will be erected during the coming months.

For further Information please contact: clerkandoversfordpc@gmail.com

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