The Parish Council liaises with the Gloucestershire County Council Highways Department on all aspects of roads, signs and paths, trying to ensure that all concerns are met including speed and traffic volumes. This liaison also includes the Highways grass verge cutting on the A40 and surrounding roads.

No Crash January Minutes 2018

No Crash

The Parish Council has representatives attending meetings organised by Gloucestershire County Councillor Paul Hodgkinson that concentrate on the roads A435 and A436, effectively the roads from the Air Balloon roundabout to Bourton-On-The-Water.

Speed & Traffic volumes through the Parish

The Parish Council is acutely aware of the problems of speeding through both major roads within the village, both Station Road and Old Gloucester Road have problems with this and would we like to have volunteers trained to carry out speed checks. We have been working with Highways on what potentially could be done to decrease the amount of traffic using Old Gloucester Road as a rat-run.

Highways have provided the Parish Council with a number of options for reducing speed and traffic within the village, centred on changes to the Old Gloucester Road:

Highways Existing Layouts

Highways Option A

Highways Option B

Highways Option C

Highways Option D

Highways Option E

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