Parish Council Projects

The Parish Council normally has a number of small projects it undertakes every year on top of it’s normal activities to help improve the village

Projects 2016-2018

Burial Ground Shelter – We have set money aside to build a shelter at the burial ground to allow people shelter from the elements, it will also allow us to collect rainwater that can be used for flowers and plants.

Bus Shelter at Templefields – We made an agreement with Newland Homes for them to build a new Bus Shelter in front of the old one at Templefields because people were unable to see the buses coming down the hill because of a large neighbouring hedge. The old bus shelter will be utilised by the Parish Council for storage.

Defibrillator – The Parish Council bought the phone box from BT at Templefields and the clerk managed to obtain separate funding for a defibrillator, which as of 1 December 2017 is operational.

Website – The Parish Council has been provided funding to get a website for the Parish and the Village, this has been built and will be operational by the beginning of  2018.

Projects for 2018 onwards

The Parish Council would welcome ideas for projects within the village.

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